History of Denino's Pizzeria & Tavern

Denino's Timeline

1887 At the age of two, Carlo Denino’s father John (Giovanni) arrives in America (NYC) from the island of Sicily, Italy.

1923 Carlo Denino is born. His father, John, opens a Confectionery store on the corner of Richmond Avenue and Hooker Place in the Port Richmond section of Staten Island, NY.

1925 The Denino’s open a pool hall next door to the Confectionery store.

1933 With the repeal of prohibition, Denino’s starts serving beer.

1937 Denino’s opens a full Tavern at 524 Richmond Avenue where the present business is still located and continues to thrive.

Carlo’s sister, Rose (later known as Aunt Rose, even to her customers) works with her parents in the Tavern. Their older sister, Vee (Vincenza) also assists behind the scenes.

1943 Carlo Denino joins the Navy.

1951 Carlo’s father John passes away.

Carlo takes the reins and introduces pizza at the tavern. Carlo takes Staten Island by surprise; the pizza was a big hit.

1960’s Carlo expands the menu but keeps it simple and always fresh.

Denino’s Tavern and Pizzeria becomes a household name on Staten Island and beyond.

1980’s Carlo’s younger sister, Katherine starts to work at the restaurant on a regular basis. And his Aunt Laura continues to work until she is 82 years old. Many other relatives have been part of this family business throughout the years; It’s all about family.

Denino’s is visited by Mayors, Borough Presidents, Politicians, actors, and most importantly, by the many families that come back again and again.

1990’s Denino’s is touted in publications such as Zagat, Time Out, The Staten Island Advance, The New York Times, The Daily News and even in British Newspapers.

2000 Carlo Denino passes away suddenly. Through the sadness, Carlo’s wife, Palma, daughter, Carla, and Palma's son Michael Burke, continue to manage the business.

2003 Community and public officials dedicate the corner of Port Richmond Avenue and Hooker Place to Carlo’s memory and appropriately rename it: CARLO DENINO’S WAY

2007 Denino’s commemorates 70 years of being in business at the same and only location. A grand picnic is held in Carlo Denino’s memory.

A PBS special airs titled “A Walking Tour of Staten Island” (with David Hartmann). Denino’s is featured in their showcase of historical Staten Island.

Denino’s wins AOL’s “City’s Best” (all Boroughs) for the best pizza in New York City two consecutive years (2007-08).

2010 For the first time since opening in 1937, the Denino family decides to open a second location, DENINO’S SOUTH, in Mantoloking, Ocean County, New Jersey.

Denino's Historic Photos

Deninos Pizza History Photos

Deninos Pizza History Photos

Deninos Pizza History Photos

Deninos Pizza History Photos

Deninos Pizza History Photos

Deninos Pizza History Photos

Deninos Pizza History Photos

Deninos Pizza History Photos